Guitar Course Outline

This is a full semester course which builds upon the introductory Grade 9 program and consists of theory, history, music appreciation, listening, and starting or improving your guitar skills. Acoustic guitars are provided and you are asked not to bring in your own as we have no place to safely store them. You do not need a pick, but if you’d like one you will need to purchase it.

Evaluation: Performance (guitar tests) 40%
Written work (includes tests) 30%
Projects/Presentations 15%
Exam 15%


Given the many different ability levels of the class, each student will be encouraged to work at his/her own speed and demonstrate musical growth throughout the semester. There will be group work as well as individual work. Formal testing will take place every 4 - 5 weeks. Informal testing will be occurring regularly during the week. There will be 3 formal playing tests including some scales as well.

1 – 10%
2 – 10% Informal testing will incorporate the other 10%
3 – 10%

All scales will be 2 octaves. There will be required choices of pieces from the teacher but you will also have choices. Your choices will need to be cleared by the teacher.


Theory will continue from the grade 9 program to include major and relative minor scales, key signatures, simple and compound metres, and intervals.

History (Classical and Romantic eras), some Jazz and world music will be done through music appreciation, listening examples and small assignments, and projects. Please keep an orderly notebook as this will help with review for the final exam and your projects.

If you are ill or away for any tests or assignments, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to reschedule the test or collect the missing assignments. Projects are expected by the due date. If you are ill or going to be away, hand it in early or send it in with someone else. Late projects will suffer a penalty of 10% each day it’s late.

If parents need to contact me they can do so at the school 453-5435 or through email or (depending on the teacher) I look forward to working with you over the semester to achieve success. Parents please sign below and include your email address (preferred), or a daytime phone number.